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Author: Ginny Fraser
ISBN: 0954018001 - Published 2001

More and more women find themselves entering their thirties and forties without children, which was the situation the author found herself in. In the book she charts her progress from despair to...

Author: Janice Grimes
ISBN: Published 2005

There are 16 versions of the story books in this series, and they can be used for children conceived in many different circumstances. The language is simple and the word “cells” is used rather...

Author: Rachel Black and Louise Scull
ISBN: 1-4050-7761-1 - Published 2005

The authors interviewed over 200 women for this book, with a wide variety of reasons for remaining childless, including infertility, early menopause, leaving it too late, not finding the right...

Author: Ken Daniels
ISBN: 0-86469-471-7 - Published 2004

This is THE book for any couple or individual contemplating building a family with...

Author: Susan Cooper and Ellen Sarasohn Glazer
ISBN: 0944934226 - Published 1998

Recommended. An in-depth exploration of the social and emotional issues in assisted reproductive technology. Susan Cooper is a psychologist and Ellen Glazer a clinical social worker. While...

Author: Ilona Laszlo Higgins MD
ISBN: 1-4257-3066-3 - Published 2006

In Creating Life Against The Odds, Dr. Lonny Higgins has gathered numerous firsthand accounts from individuals around the world who have traversed the maze of infertility treatment. What have been...

ISBN: Made in 2006

DVD Maybe Baby – A 90 minute documentary film from the USA by which features six single women in their thirties and forties trying to conceive using donor assistedconception. The film was made...

Author: Ellen Sarasohn Glazer and Evelina Weidman Sterling
ISBN: 0-944934-32-3 - Published 2005

The first really comprehensive book for individuals and couples considering egg donation is published in the USA in April. Although some parts of this American book are not relevant to the UK...

Author: Carol Frost-Vercollone, Heidi Moss and Robert Moss
ISBN: 0-02-861917-X - Published 1997

This is an excellent book, which comprehensively covers the issues surrounding sperm donation. The American authors, from their own personal experience and through counselling others promote sperm...

Author: Kate Brian
ISBN: 074753747X - Published 1998

Despite its prevalence the practical aspects of IVF can be intimidating, and the first section offers a sensitive account of each stage of the process. It includes advice on strategies for coping...