The professionals that couples and individuals come across when undergoing fertility procedures with donated gametes and then as parents afterwards are enormously influential and important people.  Whether you are an embryologist, nurse, counsellor, doctor, andrologist, receptionist in a fertility clinic, GP, paediatrician or any kind of mental health professional you are enormously welcome to this site and as a member of DC Network.

Using donated gametes to aid conception is much more than just taking the next logical step to making a baby once it is clear that would-be parents own gametes are not viable.  It is helping to build a different sort of family.  One where there will be at least one non-genetically connected parent.  DC Network would like to involve all professionals in supporting parents in acknowledging this difference and preparing to take on the responsibilities associated with parenting by donor conception.

Please browse all sections of this site to understand more about how families and donor conceived people feel about donor conception and how you can best help them feel confident and comfortable with their decisions and in being open with their children.

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