Preparing for DC Parenthood

One couple's experience of a workshop

(The preparation workshop..) was a hugely positive experience for us. We'd only met (briefly) one parent of a donor conceived child before and had never met anyone in the same boat as us. Finding people who were experiencing the same issues and having the opportunity to talk to people who'd been through it and come out the other side has meant a great deal to both of us.  The videos are informative and gave us a great insight into some of the issues that are likely to come our way.  The two sessions we had on medical matters and social/psychology also gave us a great opportunity to answer many of the niggling questions that have been bugging us.  However, the main benefit was the chance to meet others who are going though this and just share our thoughts, fears, knowledge and hopes.

I'll be eternally grateful to the facilitators and organisers at DCN - they have done a wonderful thing.

Preparation for DC Parenthood Workshops

We are delighted to offer our 2015 programme of highly valued and popular workshops. Print booking form

Who are they for?

These workshops are for those who have NOT conceived yet through donor conception, although you may have non donor conceived children.

The workshops are for couples (heterosexual or lesbian) or single women who are contemplating egg, sperm or embryo donation as a way of building or adding to a family and those who are currently having treatment. The workshops are appropriate for those having treatment in the UK or abroad. They are not appropriate for those who have already conceived. If you are part of a couple we strongly recommend that you both attend. If single, you can attend alone or you could bring a family member or friend. We will be booking no more than 18 people onto each workshop.

Experience in our pilot study has shown that single women and lesbians generally prefer and appreciate separate provision. We recognise that the needs of these two groups are not exactly the same and we are piloting running a separate lesbian couples workshop. If there is insufficient demand, we may combine the October workshops.

What are they about?

The workshops are an opportunity to gain information, hear from parents of donor conceived children and via film, the children and young people themselves, and to share experiences and stories with others contemplating family creation via donor conception.

You will hear from and be able to discuss issues important to you with experienced and qualified speakers on the clinical and psycho-social aspects of donor conception treatment and subsequent family raising. You will see two professionally made films featuring parents, children and young people in DC families talking about their thoughts, feelings and experiences. And via formal and informal small groups and sharing an evening meal together, you will have a chance to break the isolation felt by many couples and individuals contemplating donor conception.

Where and when are they, how much do they cost and what’s included?

The workshops are held over a weekend in London or Leeds. They run from 11am-6pm on the Saturday, with a break until 7pm when, as an integral part of the workshop, participants and facilitators have dinner together. This finishes around 9pm. On Sunday the workshop restarts at 9.30 and runs through to 2pm including a simple lunch at the end. All meals and refreshments are included in the price. Overnight accommodation can be booked near the workshop venue if required.

DC Network members get a £15 discount for each place. Some concessionary places are available. We want the workshops to be accessible to all and are not seeking to make a profit from them. Although we have held our prices for the last three years, rising catering and room hire costs have resulted in a small price increase for 2015.

DCN Members    £240 per person or £200 per person if booked before early bird cut-off date.
Non-members    £255 per person or £215 per person if booked before early bird cut-off date.

We need a minimum of bookings to run. We will decide 4 weeks before the workshop whether it is viable and will either confirm or cancel. If we cancel a full refund will be given. A full refund is offered if you cancel your booking before this cut-off date. After that we cannot guarantee a refund. Cancellations (unless we have cancelled the workshop) will incur an adminstration fee.

What Next?  How do I book?

Choose a workshop from the schedule below. Then use this link to register your interest Preparation workshop booking

Following confirmation of your booking (by email) and about a week prior to the workshop we will ask you to complete a short survey, either online or on paper if you do not have access to email. This is a requirement of your attendance. You will also complete a survey after the workshop. Anonymised evaluations from these workshops may be used in DC Network material or for funding applications.

Further dates for Autumn/Winter have now been released.   If no date is suitable, you can use the form (link above) to express interest and we will contact you if and when new dates are added.


Early bird price
cut-off date



Full/Early Bird Prices (DCN Members
get £15 discount pp off this price)


28th Feb & 1st Mar 2015

29th Jan 2015


Heterosexual couples

£255/£215  per person


7-8th Mar 2015

5th Feb 2015


Single women



25-26th Apr 2015

26th Mar 2015


Heterosexual couples

£255/£215  per person

25-26th Apr 2015 23rd Mar 2015 LONDON Heterosexual couples

£255  per person

30-31st May 2015 30th April 2015 London Single women

£255/£215  per person

20-21st Jun 2015 21st May 2015 London Heterosexual couples

£255/£215  per person

17-18th Oct 2015 17th Sep 2015 London

Single Women

£255/£215  per person Yes
17-18th Oct 2015 17th Sep 2015 London Lesbian couples

£255/£215  per person

14-15th Nov 2015 15th Oct 2015 London

Heterosexual couples

£255/£215  per person Yes

Alternatively, you can print a PDF of the Booking Form and send it back to us with a cheque. If you do not have a printer, please email or phone us with your address and we can send a booking form by post.

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