What makes me, Me?

At our conferences, DC Network offers a creative session for donor conceived children and teens called What Makes Me, Me?.

This is a half day activity, run by a qualified Art Therapist. The groups are divided by age (roughly 9-12yr olds and 13-16yrs olds) and the children and teens explore their family, hobbies, interests, talents and any important elements in their lives through an image such as a tree, representing them in terms of their ‘roots, trunk and branches’. The role and/or place of the donor can be included, as they wish, but there is no pressure.

Bring your own story!

This is a relaxed, fun session encouraging everyone to interpret the idea their own way. They don’t have to be ‘arty’ or creative and lots of resources and support will be available. The group size will be limited and during the last part of the session they will be joined by parents to share their work.

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Natalie Tayte

Natalie is an experienced Art Therapist who works with young people and adults with a variety of issues and needs.  After working for many years in the NHS, she is now an independent practitioner and co-director of her own therapy centre.  Natalie has been a member of the DCN for almost 3 years and runs the East Anglia General Group.  She is also mum to a daughter conceived via egg donation.