DCN groups and meetups

Important notice re the Coronavirus :  As restrictions are being reduced, we are gradually resuming local meetup activities. This is location and volunteer-dependent so please bear with us. We will review and update this page with new events and notify members when activities resume in their location.

DCN Groups and Meetups

DC Network runs meetups for our members across the UK and Ireland. These are all volunteer-run. Our groups try to meet 2 or more times a year and offer an opportunity to connect with others locally. Our general groups are open to ALL members. New members are always very welcome, thinkers & tryers and parents alike! We also have single women only groups and you can use the sort tool below to find these. If you would like to find out more about our local groups, or indeed to get involved in helping an existing group or setting one up in your area, please make contact with Yaél on volunteers@dcnetwork.org

To see full details of groups and events coming up, please log into your DCN account. If you are not a member and would like to sign up to our membership, please use this link to read more about membership benefits and sign up.



North & Scotland Leeds / Yorkshire General

Meets every season for a summer picnic /camping weekend and a winter party – includes single and couple members. Also has a WhatsApp group you can join.  

Our Yorkshire group are planning their camping weekend on August Bank Holiday 2021. Contact dcngroups@dcnetwork.org if you haven't received your invitation as booking needs to be done early (members only)

Kath and Ali (alternating coordinators)

dcnyorkshireevents@gmail.com for details and the WhatsApp group

27th- 30th August- Camping weekend for members in Yorkshire. Bookings are for the whole weekend, no day visits possible. Mason's camping, email for further information.

North & Scotland Leeds / Yorkshire Single women

Group meeting for walks and family get together. Also has a Facebook group you can join to hear about meetups.    

Meetup planned on the 19th June 

Sally and Claire

Contact dcngroups@dcnetwork.org for details.

North & Scotland Liverpool General Running a contact list at this time. Email dcngroups@dcnetwork.org to join the list. See North West solo mum group for info on the single women's group running in the area.

Contact list for Heterosexual couples using egg donation.

WhatsApp group listings here

North & Scotland



New local group ***2021. Running online meetups. Also has a WhatsApp group. Planning their first meetup on the 12th June in Cheadle.

See North West solo mum group for info on the single women's group running in the area.

Join the WhatsApp group to find out more about the next meetups and contact Dena, local group coordinator.

WhatsApp group listings here

Email dcngroups@dcnetwork.org to join

North & Scotland

North East


This group has alternating coordinators.

Email dcngroups@dcnetwork.org for details
North & Scotland North West – Covering Liverpool, Manchester and the surrounding areas.    Single women

A group for single women and solo mums, from across the North West of England. They meet regularly either at a park, someone’s home or a place where the children can play.  

Currently meeting online - contact coordinators for further info on TEAM meetings

Jenny and Kate


North & Scotland Scotland General

Offering a monthly facilitated Zoom meetup for members in Scotland (all family types) - see DCN Chats listings and a WhatsApp group for members.



East Midlands East Midlands/ Nottinghamshire   General Meets regularly for evening discussion groups and family gatherings. Join the secret Facebook group if you like, by emailing the coordinators. 

Email Alison, Sam and Ruth 


East Midlands Market Harborough Single women

Group set up in 2018 and welcoming members from across Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Peterborough and nearby. Meets in Market Harborough.   

Contact Kate


West Midlands Warwickshire, North Cotswolds & West Midlands General

Regular meetings throughout the year, at various locations within the West Midlands. Family and social gatherings as well as discussions.  



West Midlands Warwickshire, North Cotswolds & West Midlands Single women Group formed in early 2017, keen to offer more single women/solo mums in the area the chance to meet others. Regular dates set throughout the year - sometimes teaming up with the General group activities.



East Cambridge Single women & lesbian couples Group launched 2017 welcoming solo mums and single women on the journey. Some meetups with lesbian couples.

Kayla and Rebecca    


East East Anglia General Meeting 2-3 times a year for family gatherings.      



East Essex Single women Running a contact list for members in the area.


dcngroups@dcnetwork.org for details.

East Essex Single women Group for single women and solo mums in the Essex region. 


Email dcngroups@dcnetwork.org for details

South East Berkshire Single women

Group for single women and solo mums in the region to meet up, every 1-2 months.

Meetup planned June 19th 2021 at Southill Park 



South East Hertfordshire General

Group up and running again in 2019 with a new coordinator. Many members in the area. Family meetups in parks and soft play venues. WhatsApp group available.

Meetup planned on the 19th June



Join the WhatsApp group/s

South East Kent General

Meetups throughout the year, mainly family meetups with one adult event a year. Geographical area changed each time on rotation so that they can try to cover the vast area of Kent! You can join the WhatsApp group if you wish. 

In-Person meetups planned: 

Sunday 20th June 2021 12-3pm at Mote Park

Sunday 29th August 2021 12pm - 3pm at Boing Festival 

Contact organisers for details or sign up on our local groups registration page.

Sue, Harmony and Kathryn    


South East Surrey General

Group up and running again in 2019 – meetups include family picnics and adult meetups. Meet around Guildford mainly. Also hold a summer picnic in Teddington.    

Niki and Jo    


South East Sussex General

This is group meets regularly 3 times a year including family meetups and adult discussion groups.


Lesley and Kat


South East Sussex Single women Group meeting up every 2-3 months in Brighton and Sussex locations. 



South East Thames Valley  General

General group – open to all. Ranging from thinkers and tryers to long-standing DCN members with near-adult offspring!  Meetings held four times a year, two evening meetups and two family picnics. 

Sarah and Emily


South East Thames Valley Single women Aimed at thinkers & triers and mums of kids up to aged 10. Covering the Bucks, Berks, Oxon locations mainly. 



London Bromley General

Meetups for members in and around Bromley. Meetups take place in parks and members' homes. 

Meetups planned for members in the area: 11th July, 4th September




London East General

Meetups take place 3 times a year - at member's home or local park.

Meetup planned in Walthamstow on 27th June


Email dcngroups@dcnetwork.org

London East Single women Non-DCN group, has a WhatsApp group you can join  
London South/ South East General

Meetup for members in all family types - has 3-4 meetups a year with at least 2 adult meetups and a summer picnic. New WhatsApp group you can join. 

Yaël and Renée


Register for next event on our Local meetups registration page, email us or contact us on SE London WhatsApp group for DCN members.

London South West General

They currently run summer picnics/meetups.

Catherine and Andrew


London West General

This group meets four or five times a year for evening discussion groups plus a summer picnic and a meetup at softplay.    



London North General

Our longest running group, holds regular evening discussion groups 3 x yearly and two annual events, a summer picnic and a winter party. 

Albyn and Dominic



Solo with babies 2012+

Single women

A London group for solo mums of children born 2012+ 




Solo with babies 2015+

Single women

A group for solo mums of children born 2015+




Solo with babies born 2018+

Single women

A group for women of children born 2018+. Running a members' WhatsApp you can join. 

Email dcngroups@dcnetwork.org for details
South West & West England Bristol General

Group running with regular meetups - at least twice yearly.



South West & West England Bristol Single women

There is a non-DCN group which you can join. They have a Facebook page which you can join.

Email dcngroups@dcnetwork.org for more info
South West & West England Devon & Cornwall General WhatsApp group for members in the area  
South West & West England Devon & Cornwall Single women Group for solo mums in Devon and Cornwall. Also welcome mums-to-be to offer some companionship, with 3 meetings planned a year in a central location


dcngroups@dcnetwork.org for more info

South West & West England Hampshire General

This group has regular meetings 2 times yearly, with a coffee morning and weekend family gathering. Usually around the Winchester area. DCN also have a contact list for members in the area. 



South West & West England South coast Single parents

New group 2020 - Solent Solos - A group for solo mums (and dads), thinkers and tryers in the Wiltshire / Hampshire/ Dorset area.  All welcome.

Next meetup planned for 26th June 2021. Log in for details of group coordinator to find out more details



Ireland Irish regional group General

Welcomes parents of DC children and those exploring or in treatment. The group meets regularly with family events and adult discussion groups. WhatsApp & Facebook page available.

There are also regular meetups taking place for families with children of specific ages (one for newborn - age 4 and one for children 4+) set up by members who their origins. These groups have been set up by members and are mostly Dublin based. 

Kevin, Angela & Kiera


Ireland West Ireland General A group of members who are in touch and arrange occasional meetups.  dcngroups@dcnetwork.org for more info
Ireland Ireland Single women There is a contact list for DCN members. You can also join the non-DCN Facebook group running for single women in Ireland by emailing smbcireland@gmail.com   dcngroups@dcnetwork.org for more info
Special interest group Older mums 45+ General  There is a contact list for older mums 45+ 

Forum listing

WhatsApp group

Special interest group Asian ethincity & egg donation General  For members who have Asian ethnicity and are intending or have used egg donation, we have set up a contact list you can join.

To join email dcngroups@dcnetwork.org

Join the WhatsApp group

Special interest group Known donor General For members who intend to/have used a known donor, not a family member.

Forum listing

Join the WhatsApp group

Special interest group Intrafamilial donor General For members who intend to/have used a family member as their donor.

To be added to a contact list for members with intrafamilial donation, email dcngroups@dcnetwork.org

Join the WhatsApp group

Special interest group Solo mums Solo mums/ mums-to-be

All single women who are intending to or already mothers.

Annual summer picnic planned on Saturday 26th June 2021, noon-6pm at the Serpentine Lido, Hyde Park, W2 2UH. 

Contact Emily if you are planning to come along or want further info: emengel3@gmail.com