Events & Workshops


Preparing for Future Parenthood Workshops

Designed for those thinking about using donor conception to create their families, or those who have decided for sure to use this route but would like an opportunity to think through the implications before going ahead.

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Telling and Talking Workshops

Designed for those who already have children conceived this way and who want to explore different ways to talk to their children about their origins.

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DC Network Children's Workshops/Groups

At our national conferences (normally April and October) we offer a group for donor conceived children aged 8-12yrs, or non-donor conceived siblings in this age bracket.

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National Family Conferences

DC Network holds two national conferences a year, one in London in the Spring and one out-of-London in the Autumn. The conferences offer a chance for members to meet in small groups to discuss personal issues, as well as the opportunity to hear personal stories and talks from expert speakers. We normally offer our Children's Workshops at our conferences. These are half-day workshops for donor conceived children or siblings of donor conceived children aged between 8 and 12yrs. Join DC Network now to be sure of an invitation.

Our next conference will be held in Bristol, UK on Saturday 14th October 2017. Invitations and booking instructions will go out to members in June/July. Watch this space for the programme and registration link.

DCN Member Support Groups

We have groups for sub groups within the network to support families in specific situations. For example, we have a group for solo mums, lesbians, older mums and those who have used a family member as a donor.

Local Groups

DC Network volunteers organise local events and meetings around the country. To see a list of our DCN local groups you will need to become a member. Members can see full details of our groups and events by logging in and going to the Local Groups section of the website in the members-only menu on the right. If we don't have a group near you, you could start one. We have lots of things we can do to support you in getting a new group up and running. Contact us by phone or email to find out if there is a local group near you.