International Friends

We are a UK based organisation and most of our members are in the UK and Ireland (although we have members from all around the globe). We are one of the largest and best resourced associations solely devoted to donor conception families, however many other countries also have fantastic patient/parent support groups.

Some of the international friends of DC Network are listed below.



Founded in 1993, the Australian Donor Conception Network has over  members throughout Australia and offers events and support..

Australian online forum for single mothers who are considering or have chosen single motherhood by choice



Infertility Network

The Infertility Network (IN) is an independent, registered Canadian charity which strives to:

Provide support and information to help people make informed choices about their family-building options.

Advocate for reform of gamete donation practices so that they may better meet the needs of offspring for medical and identity purposes.

Develop public understanding and awareness of infertility, reproductive technology and related issues



Association Maia

Maia is a web-based network for women and couples facing infertility and treatment issues, including adoption and surrogacy. It publishes three children’s story books (similar to the Network’s My Story and Our Story books), one for children conceived by sperm donation, one by egg donation and one by surrogacy.


Association Procréation Medicalement Anonyme

PMA is an advocacy organisation representing donor conceived adults. Its policy aims are to bring to an end anonymous donation, and to stop the practice of embryo donation. It has over 85 donor conceived adults as members.


Solo mum's in France - blog



Hungary founded a parent group in 2019. They are currently translating the DCN's Telling and Talking for parents of children 0-7yrs into Hungarian.




DI-Netz came into being on 9th February 2013.

Spenderkinder is an advocacy organisation representing more than 50 donor conceived adults. Its policy aims are to bring to an end anonymous donation, to secure the right to information for donor conceived persons and to advocate for more openness.



The National Infertility Support & Information Group (NISIG) in Ireland is voluntary registered organisation offering information and support group to couples facing infertility and donor conception treatment issues.

Phone: 087 7975058 at any time




Cercounbimbo is a support network for those facing infertility and assisted reproduction issues.

Cercounbimbo have a translation of the Network’s Telling and Talking 0-7 available as a free download on their site.



Nasz Bocian

Polish fertility organisation that in 2011 translated the Telling and Talking booklets into Polish. Many congratulations to Nasz Bocian for their initiative and courage in speaking out against secrecy.