DCN Groups

DC Network has groups available to members. Some of these groups meet up, some are just for email contact and support, many are a mixture. On joining you will be sent details of all the groups and can join any that are nearby or relevant.  Don't forget to look out for the monthly "Meetups" bulletins with information about events.

Sub groups

We have a group for single women who would like to receive a regular bulletin on single women issues. We also have a group for members who are thinking of using, or have used, a family member as a donor. We have many other sub groups and can arrange to put you in touch with other people in similar circumstances.

Local groups and meetups

As contact with others can be so helpful we have many volunteers who coordinate local groups around the UK. To see what groups are currently active use the groups link and join any that are in your area or close. If you can't see a group and would like information about starting one please get in touch with the office. We have members all over the UK so there may well be others who would love to attend meetings in their area.