DCN Groups

DC Network has groups available to members. Some of these groups meet up, some are just for email contact and support, many are a mixture. On joining you will be sent details of all the groups and can join any that are nearby or relevant.  Don't forget to look out for the monthly "Meetups" bulletins with information about events.

Sub groups

We have a group for single women who would like to receive a regular bulletin on single women issues. We also have a group for members who are thinking of using, or have used, a family member as a donor. We have many other sub groups and can arrange to put you in touch with other people in similar circumstances.

Local groups and meetups

As contact with others can be so helpful we have many volunteers who coordinate local groups around the UK. To see what groups are currently active see the information below or join to receive the full details. If you can't see a group and would like information about starting one please get in touch with the office on dcngroups@dcnetwork.org. We have members all over the UK so there may well be others who would love to attend meetings in their area.


We are doing more work to connect people in areas where there are no local meetups. We currently have e-groups running in various parts of the country. You might want to start an e-group in your area or join an existing one.


Groups currently running:


Single women's group Single We have over 700 single women in the network. This group meets annually for a picnic in London. You receive a contact list and can opt to also connect through a secret Facebook page (affiliated to DCN)
LGBTQ+ London, open to all

Regular meetups in London

Premature Ovarian Insufficiency (POI) Across the membership Forum thread
Older mums (45+) Across the membership Currenting running as a contact list and a members' WhatsApp group and forum thread




Leeds / North Yorkshire

Meets every season for a summer picnic / camping and a winter party – includes single and couple members. Have a member's WhatsApp group

Yorkshire Single women Meets regularly for family walks and socialising. Have a member's WhatsApp & Facebook group
Liverpool Het couples Contact list and group WhatsApp. New group.
Manchester General

Currently running as a contact list (e-group). Have a member's WhatsApp group

North East General

Meetups happen 2-3 times a year usually family gatherings in locations across the region. Have a member's WhatsApp group

North West – Covering Liverpool, Manchester and the surrounding areas. Single women A group for Single women and Solo mums, from across the North West of England. They meet regularly either at a park, someone’s home or a place where the children can play. Have a member's WhatsApp group
Sheffield General

Meet twice annually for family gatherings, spring and summer

Scotland General Currently revising their schedule of meetups and volunteers. 
Scotland Single women

Regular meetings every 3 months usually in Edinburgh & Glasgow. A group which includes thinkers, triers and mums with children aged from babies to beyond.  

There is also a group for single women in the North East of Scotland with 4 x annual meetups in Aberdeen/Inverness


Market Harborough (East Midlands) Single women Regular meetups with children around Market Harborough
Nottinghamshire / East Midlands General Meets regularly for evening discussion groups and family gatherings. Join the secret Facebook group if you like, by emailing the coordinators.
West Midlands & Warwickshire General Regular meetings throughout the year, at various locations within the West Midlands. Family and social gatherings as well as discussions.
West Midlands & Warwickshire Single women Group formed in early 2017, keen to offer more single women/solo mums in the area the chance to meet others. Regular dates set throughout the year.
Wales General

Running an e-group in Cardiff area. 


Cambridgeshire Single women

Group launched 2017 welcoming solo mums and single women on the journey.

East Anglia General Meets 3 times a year for family gatherings and occasional discussion groups in the pub. Mostly meets in Norwich and the surrounding area.


/ Single women

Not currently meeting up. Contact list available for single women. 


Berkshire Single women

Group for single women and solo mums in the region to meet up.


General Group running with meetups 3+ times annually, parks & walks
Kent General Meetings throughout the year, mainly family meetups. Geographical area changed each time on rotation so that they can try to cover the vast area of Kent.


General Running 3 meetups a year, group restarted 2019
Sussex Single women

Group up and running again in 2018 meeting every quarter

Sussex General

This group relaunched 2018 and holds 4x yearly family meetups and adult discussion groups

Thames Valley General General group – open to all.  Ranging from thinkers and tryers to long-standing DCN members with near-adult offspring!  Meetings held four times a year, two evening meetups and two family picnics.
Thames Valley Single women

Aimed at thinkers & triers and mums of kids up to aged 10. Covering the Bucks, Berks, Oxon locations mainly.



General groups

London - Bromley General

New group 2019

London East

General Meetups occur 2-3 times annuallly
London North General Our longest running group, holds regular evening discussion groups 3 x yearly and two annual events, a summer picnic and a winter party.
London South East General

Regular meetings with at least 3 yearly meetings including evening discussion groups and a summer picnic.

London South West General

This group currently runs a summer picnics/ and a winter meetup.

London West General

This group meets three or four times a year for evening discussion groups plus  a summer picnic, and a softplay meetup.

SIngle women's groups

London – Thinkers & Triers – LG6 Single women

Single women Thinkers and Tryers, group currently meeting in Central London.

London – New babies 2018+ Single women

Pregnant or with a baby born 2018+

London  -  2015+ LG7 Single women

A London group for solo mums of children born 2015+ 

London  - 2012+ Single women

A London group for solo mums of children born 2012 onwards from any kind of donor conception in the London area.

London - 2002-2006 Single women

Mums of children born from c2002 to 2006.


Bristol General Group up and running in 2019.
Exeter General Running as a contact list.
Devon and Cornwall Single women

Group for solo mums in Devon and Cornwall. Also welcome mums-to-be to offer some companionship, with 3 meetings planned a year in a central location.

Devon and Cornwall General Contact list available for members across the region
Hampshire General This group has regular meetings twice yearly, with a coffee morning and a family picnic. Usually around the Winchester area.
Salisbury Single women This is a group for solo mums, triers and thinkers in the Wiltshire / Hampshire/ Dorset area.  Dates set for the next year. All welcome.


Ireland General Regional Irish group. Welcomes parents of DC children and those exploring or in treatment. The group meets regularly with family events and adult discussion groups.
Ireland Single women

We have a contact list for single women in Ireland.You can also join the (non-DCN) Facebook oage.

Ireland - West  General  Members in the area have a contact list and meet up throughout the year






























































































DCN Groups and meetups