We are very grateful to all those who have taken the time to write about their personal experiences of donor conception and issues relating to it. These stories are invaluable in helping to share common feelings around complex issues. Reading about how others have dealt with things is often very reassuring.

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Thinking back over my ‘donor conception’ journey - which I realise has now been some 14 years -  there is a theme that has run through the whole thing.

I needed to know more

"My parents were told it was in my best interests never to tell me, however as time went on my mum felt that it was more important that I knew."

All I saw was my baby girl

"When she was born I had never felt such contentment and overwhelming love. All I saw was my baby girl, with a huge amount of dark hair and a loud scream wanting, needing her mother’s arms ..."

Natasha personal story

Mixed blessings

Natasha shares the unique blessings and challenges of having what we refer to as a 'mixed' family - one of her children was conceived without the need for a donor thanks to surgical sperm retrieval but they decided to use sperm donation for their younger daughter.

Our family felt complete

"For as long as I can remember I have always wanted children. I can remember one specific point in this story when this was most apparent. I was on a ‘lads’ holiday at around 18 years old when, I saw this man and his little boy playing in the pool together and laughing and having fun. This made me feel that I would like to have this experience."

Life with teenagers

'Will this be the moment when they fling at me that dreaded line, “You’re not my real mum anyway!”? Will the manner in which they were conceived suddenly become to them the most important part of their identity? And will I feel shut out in a way that I really haven’t before?'

Dad via sperm donation with known donor

'After a considerable amount of time attempting to conceive, both my partner and I got checked out, and at the end of all the testing I found out that I was infertile. After counselling and rigorous investigation, we decided that we would opt for a known donor if possible.'

Kate - Donor Conceived Adult

Kate - Donor conceived adult

'I was conceived through anonymous sperm donation and IVF, and born in the nineties to Mum (Andrea) and Dad (Richard). I am an only child in my family, but have eighteen (anonymous) half-siblings from the same donor.'