Donor Conception Network

Parent led: child focused. Supporting donor conception families for over 25 years

We're a supportive charity network of over 2,100, mainly UK-based, families with children conceived with donated sperm, eggs or embryos, those thinking about or undergoing donor conception procedures and donor conceived people.

What's happening at DC Network

Designed for those thinking about using donor conception to create their families, or those who have decided for sure to use this route but would like an opportunity to think through the implications before going ahead and chat with a donor-conceived young person about their experiences!

We understand that navigating donor conception treatments can be challenging. We can support you by providing the opportunity to hear from an impartial expert via a live webinar to help you to find the best pathway for you.

Some upcoming events

Aimed at
  25 Jan '22
FREE Info session | Online
 Anyone wanting to know more about what we offer prospective parents, parents, children and families
  29 Jan '22
Ask a Medical Expert Webinar | Online
 This webinar is suitable for all family & donation types who have not yet conceived via donor conception
  19 Feb '22
Destination Parenthood Workshop | Online
 Heterosexual couples who are thinking about whether donor conception is the right way forward for them to create or expand your family
 23 Apr '22
DCN National Conference | In-person
DC families and prospective families, focussed on DC topics
 06 May '22
Making It Real Workshop | Online
For professionals working with donor conception families

Considering egg, sperm, double or embryo donation? 

Looking for information or support? Feeling alone?

If you are contemplating donor conception or are having treatment, whether in the UK or abroad (whatever kind of donor you are using) we are here to offer support and information. We can help you think through your questions and concerns; just click on the section below that fits to get details aimed more specifically at you and your situation.

If you are at the early stages you might want to attend a webinar to get an overview of donor conception and what to consider.

Ask a Medical Expert

Our professionally run, facilitated Destination Parenthood workshops provide more in-depth and focussed spaces to explore your hopes and fears and share with others at a similar stage. Feedback from these workshops is extremely positive and we know they can be transformative.

Destination Parenthood

Already parents? Looking for help with telling your child?

If you are pregnant or already have children of any age conceived through donor conception then we have lots of resources as well as support and information for you and your family.

If you would like a dedicated opportunity to explore how to start the conversation with your children about how they were conceived you might like to attend one of our Telling and Talking workshops.

Telling and Talking

If you are looking for books to support 'telling' have a look in our bookshop and choose the section that fits your situation best. We have a range of books for children called 'Our Story' and a series for parents called 'Telling and Talking' which cover developmental stages (0-7yrs, 8-12yrs and 12yrs+).  


If you have older children (12yrs+) or adult children who you haven't told yet we can help explore that and offer support Telling Older Children and Adults