Creating Life Against the Odds: The Journey from Infertility to Parenthood

This is a book for people wishing to add to their family created without help (or with IVF with their own eggs) via egg donation.   In Creating Life Against The Odds, Dr. Lonny Higgins has gathered numerous firsthand accounts from individuals around the world who have traversed the maze of infertility treatment. What have been these parents’ misgivings?  Are they selfish to want to bring another child into a world where there are already too many mouths to feed? She also takes us into the minds and hearts of donors looking into what makes them want to lend such an intimate, helping hand, not just to a relative or friend, but to a complete stranger. Are they like organ donors? Do they do it for financial gain? Is it just naivete? And what about the children? Whose children are they, really? When assisted reproductive technology enters the picture, who are the real parents? What do the children say about how they came to be?

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1-4257-3066-3 - Published 2006
Ilona Laszlo Higgins MD