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Author Documentary produced by BBC


In 1991, Sylvia was one of Britain's first anonymous egg donors. After donating as a one-off at the London Fertility Centre in Harley Street, all she asked to know...

Author Miranda Davies

HIVE description:

Transnational surrogacy - the creation of babies across borders - has become big business. Globalization, reproductive technologies, new family formations and rising...

Author Janice Grimes RN

There are 16 versions of the story books in this series, and they can be used for children conceived in many different circumstances. We currently have the following versions:

  • Embryo...
Author Mikki Morrissette

A classic for single women choosing to go it alone with motherhood.  Mikki offers both emotional support and practical guidance.

Author Alice Jolly

HIVE Description:

When Alice Jolly's second child was stillborn and all subsequent attempts to have another baby failed, she began to consider every possible option, no matter how...

Author Wendy Kramer; Published by Donor Sibling Registry 2020

This warm and highly enjoyable book gives the reader a real insight into the lives of Wendy and Ryan Kramer, founders of the Donor Sibling Registry.  Wendy conceived Ryan by donor sperm when still...

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