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Author: Carolina Nadel

A story about egg donation in a (heterosexual couple!) elephant family.

Author: Professor Michael Lamb

This is an excellent article by Professor Michael Lamb of the University of Cambridge.   It is a meta-analysis of all the research that has been conducted into what helps...

Author: Linda Stamm

This book is about an 8 year old girl who is listening to the story about her anonymous egg donor.  Uses language such as uterus, embryos, egg and sperm cells. American but well written and not...

Author: Kate Brian

AMAZON description:

One in six couples finds it difficult to conceive, and many thousands of babies are born in the UK every year as a result of fertility treatment. For women who finally...

Author: Miriam Stoppard

This book does not address issues of donor conception specifically but gives guidance on the stages of age appropriate responses to questions children ask.  Colourful and well laid-out, this is a...

Author: Peggy Drexler

Solo mums often worry about raising boys in a household without men.  Peggy Drexler has turned her research into this topic into a reassuring book which offers evidence that women on their own are...

Author: Petra Nordqvist and Carol Smart

This is a beautifully written and hugely insightful account of research into the thinking about donor conception that happens across the generations in heterosexual and lesbian couple families;...

Author: Annabel Pitcher


My name is Tess Turner - at least, that's what I've always been told. I have a voice but it isn't mine. It used to say things so I'd fit in, to please my parents, to...

Author: Jane Mattes

This book is almost fifteen years old but it remains the first and classic book for women making the difficult choice to have a child without a partner.

Author: Cheryl Shuler

An American single woman's story of creating a family with an unknown sperm donor.