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Author: Sensible Films

The 57 minute long TV documentary includes interviews with donors, donor conceived adults and one parent. It is very positive and well worth watching. It is gentle and thoughtful and the four main...

Author: Todd Parr

AMAZON description:

The Family Book celebrates the love we feel for our families and all the different varieties they come in. Whether you have two mothers or two dads, a big family or a...

Author: Judith Daniluk

AMAZON description:

An infertility specialist offers practical strategies for dealing with the relentless series of emotional, medical, social, economic, and marital challenges that an...

Author: Emily Franklin

Key words: Books for teens, half siblings, donor sibling registry


JENNY FITZGERALD HAS been outside the huddle, trying to fit in to her sports-obsessed family. The...

Author: Petra Thorn and Lisa Green

DESCRIPTION by the author:

This is the story of a Mommy and Mama who loved each other very much and wanted to have a baby, so the women go to see a doctor who helps...

Author: Making Friends with your Fertility: A clear, comforting guide to reproductive health: supporting you through getting pregnant, IVF and assisted conception, fostering and remaining child free

From fertility counsellor Tracey Sainsbury and Sarah Rayner (bestselling author of Making Friends with Anxiety, One Moment, One Morningand The Two Week Wait) comes a full and...

Sorry, this book is currently unavailable.

Author: Mikki Morrissette in affiliation with the Donor Sibling Registry

Voices of Donor Conception is a collection of first-person essays by people - fathers, mothers and adult children - involved in donor conception. This collaborative venture by the Donor Sibling...

Author: Mary Hoffman, Ross Asquith

AMAZON description:

This book takes one element of The Great Big Book of Families – the arrival of new members into a family – and explores all the different ways a baby or child...

Author: Cory Silverberg


Canadian Cory Silverberg has written an extraordinary book about how babies are made.  Not only does it not mention sex or assisted reproduction but it doesn't identify which bodies...