‘I started the HIMfertility campaign after my wife and I had issues trying to conceive. The experiences we had while exploring fertility issues showed me just how little support and understanding there is around male infertility. I wanted to encourage men to open up and talk about the issue and, most importantly, to get the right support.’ 

An ‘emotional and entertaining’ documentary airing on BBC2 this Sunday and available on iPlayer. Comedian Rhod Gilbert explores the causes and traumas of male infertility, a topic close to his heart: Rhod has a low sperm count - ‘senile swimmers in need of zimmers’. Last year, determined to start a Movember-style movement to support those with male fertility issues, Rhod fronted the launch of a campaign called HIMFertility, complete with banners declaring him ‘the face of infertility’. This documentary was originally intended to air alongside the campaign but was delayed by Covid.

To find out more about HIMFertility and the resources available, click here

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