The changing world of donor conception and your role in it

Are you a professional working with donor conception families? Come and widen your understanding of the social and emotional implications of donor conception at this brand new workshop.

5 reasons to attend:

  1. Listen to DCN’s unique experiences of the long view of donor conception families
  2. Hear the experiences of parents and donor conceived adults
  3. Consider the place of the donor in families, keeping in mind 2023 and beyond
  4. Learn how DNA testing is revolutionising the making of genetic connections
  5. Feel better supported in your role in the fast changing world of donor conception

This workshop is relevant for:

  • Those who work in a hospital, clinic or private setting with prospective parents considering using donor conception to create their family, including surrogacy
  • Those who work with families and parents with children conceived through donor conception, or with donor-conceived adults
  • Those who work with or for health and fertility bodies who would like to enhance their understanding of the implications of donor conception

You might be a clinic counsellor, an embryologist, a fertility nurse, a donor coordinator, a genetic counsellor, a psychologist or a therapist in private practice or another professional whose work involves donor conception.

This workshop assumes participants have a baseline knowledge of:

  • Current UK law relating to donor conception
  • Standards set by the HFEA
  • Fertility choices offered to patients by UK clinics

This is a pilot workshop and therefore spaces are limited and we are offering it at a competitive price. Book soon to avoid disappointment. If feedback indicates the workshop is successful in its objectives we plan to offer something similar annually.

Workshop aims

To share experience and knowledge about:

  • The support needed by donor conception families before, during and after treatment
  • Recent developments affecting donor conception, such as the popularity of genetic testing companies and the impact of the removal of anonymity in the UK, keeping in mind 2023 when the first children conceived with identifiable donors become 18
  • The services and resources offered by DC Network - and how these complement and build on information giving and counselling undertaken in clinics and elsewhere

Your learning outcomes

  • Enhanced understanding of the long-term social and emotional support needed for donor conception families and individuals, and those contemplating donor conception
  • Ability to put counselling services in context of other support and resources and the need for continuing support
  • An understanding of the social and emotional issues of using donated gametes
  • Information about the implications of the use of DNA and genetic testing websites
  • Enhanced ability to reflect on the experiences of patients and clients

A certificate of attendance is available for the day.

Friday 2nd November - 9.30 - 4.30pm

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