We are very grateful to all those who have taken the time to write about their personal experiences of donor conception and issues relating to it. These stories are invaluable in helping to share common feelings around complex issues. Reading about how others have dealt with things is often very reassuring.

Use the drop-down options to search for particular story types. And if you would like to contribute your own story, please do get in touch with us.

Zannah’s thoughts

Susannah (or Zannah as she prefers to be known) daughter of DCN founders Olivia Montuschi and Walter Merricks was interviewed in 2007 by email for the first book to be written for parents and professionals about donor conception in Germany.

Lee's Story

Lee's journey from infertility to parenthood                                           

Written for his clinic Newsletter

Egg Donation Journey to Parenthood

November 2007: This very moving post from the Fertility Friends web forum is reprinted here with the permission of the writer.

Three Sisters Make a Baby

Alex, and her sisters, Helen and Charlotte told their wonderful story at the Bristol meeting this summer, for clarity this version as if by Charlotte.