We are very grateful to all those who have taken the time to write about their personal experiences of donor conception and issues relating to it. These stories are invaluable in helping to share common feelings around complex issues. Reading about how others have dealt with things is often very reassuring.

Use the drop-down options to search for particular story types. And if you would like to contribute your own story, please do get in touch with us.

Using a Known Donor

Laura explains how she and her partner came to the decision to use a known donor.

The Day The Goldfish Died

Claire, who also wrote Telling Benjamin, wrote this delightful story about the value of honesty ...

Telling Tom

In a newsletter Jane requested examples of ways in which parents have introduced the topic of DI or related issues to their children, Kate replied

Telling Benjamin

Claire spoke movingly at a national meeting about how she and her husband Paul made the decision to be open with their children

David's Interview

When asked for the story of their journey to parenthood (once again) Sue and Don decided to go to the horses mouth...their DI conceived son David

Are They Swimming?

A member reflects on when she first learned of her husband's infertility and how they both benefited from joining DCN


Patrick is a Star ...

Judy Watson writes about her son's enthusiasm for openness about his donor origins.