Heterosexual Couples and Egg donation

The road to Rachel - Sara's story

This personal story was written by Sara in 2018.

I always wanted to be a mother for as long as I can remember, but didn’t have much luck with men.

I had a couple of serious relationships, but they didn’t work out and we didn’t get to the children stage. Suddenly I found myself single in my mid 30s - back in the dating game - but not meeting any men who wanted to commit. I felt a real sense of panic about my ticking biological clock, but also felt extremely out of control, because you can’t force somebody to commit to you and have a family.

"It was right for us to just surrender ourselves to the process" - Michelle's Story (Part 1)

This personal story was written by Michelle in 2018.

We went to Spain for our egg donation, where you do not get to choose any preferred donor characteristics. I know this differs from other countries, where prospective parents can see detailed profiles and photos of donors and can select accordingly. When we went to Spain some 12 years ago, their policy was to give you reassurance that they would try to match to your physical characteristics as far as possible and they asked for photos of both parents and any existing biological children to help them do this.

Deciding to use a donor – Mairead’s story

This personal story was written by Mairead* in 2018.

After 4 years of trying to conceive, I found myself yet again in another obstetrician’s waiting room. I had suffered another miscarriage and needed to see a new doctor about a minor hospital procedure. We had reached the end of our journey trying to have a child. I was 42 now, and though I had never tried regular IVF because of my age, I had tried everything else, or so I thought.

"All I saw was my baby girl" - Jeanette's egg donation story

This personal story was written by Jeanette in 2018.

I had to keep pinching myself as I started writing this. Our eldest daughter, Coralie, is now nearly 4 years old and our youngest, Imogen, is coming up to a year but I still can’t quite believe we’ve come through the other side of all those struggling years and that I’m here writing a story similar to those I read about and dreamt we’d be able to tell when we first started out.