Heterosexual Couples and Sperm donation

Donor Conception: Giving Up the Family Heritage? - Vince's Story

I grew-up in a family that treasured our Italian heritage. All the more so because I don't look the slightest bit Italian in spite of being able to trace both parents' families to Northern Italy. Then there's the part about how our last-name was changed as the result of a clerical error when Grandfather immigrated at age 12 and enrolled in Grade School to learn English.


Kate - Donor Conceived Adult

This is an interview from January 2018 with Kate, one of our members.

Can you give us a bit of background on your family situation?

I was conceived through anonymous sperm donation and IVF, and born in the nineties to Mum (Andrea) and Dad (Richard). I am an only child in my family, but have eighteen (anonymous) half-siblings from the same donor.

Families’ Experiences of Sharing Information about Donor Conception -

by Professor Eric Blyth - Talk at DC Network meeting

My talk this morning is based on a UK research project involving families recruited through two support groups for families who have used donor conception, Donor Conception Network and the Daisy Network. We specifically focused on families where the parents had told their children about their conception.