Lesbian Couples

Legal changes for LGBT families: We will keep fighting the good fight

Fertility lawyer Natalie Gamble celebrates the legal changes that have empowered LGBT families in the UK

As a fertility lawyer who is also a same sex mum through sperm donation (and, of course, a DCN member), I have always been passionate about LGBT family building. My children are now 16 and 13 and I often reflect that their lives span an incredible legal revolution, one during which LGBT families like ours have been taken from legal invisibility to legal inclusion. Here are some of the most significant milestones:

Feeling Good: What helps children & teenagers feel good about themselves as donor conceived people?

What makes us the sort of people that we are? How much are we influenced by our parents when it is our parents who bring us up? How much is down to our genes? And how much is down to the environment that we live in?
This is a summary of Marilyn Crawshaw’s presentation to the DC Network Meeting held in Birmingham on 2 October 2004

Being a Family: Raising children well

This is the talk given at the 2003 March national meeting in London by Mary MacLeod, then Chief Executive of the National Family and Parenting Institute. The feeling at the meeting was that this was an exceptionally powerful and valuable address, and so we have decided that everyone should have the opportunity to read the full text.  It remains a profound and very moving read.

The Rights of Children

An egg donor and mother of a sperm donor conceived child tells why she would be happy for children born from her donated eggs to have access to information about her.

I am 32 years old and my 31-year-old husband Pete has Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. We knew from a fairly early stage in our relationship that he would need some sort of fertility treatment to enable us to have children.

The issue of language

Olivia Montuschi, one of the founders of DCN ponders the tricky question of language around donor conception

Everyone knows words can be powerful and they can be dangerous. Free speech is one of the first things to go in a repressive society. The language we use is also one of the many ways in which we can be categorised by others. Is she one of us? Does he use the 'right' terminology? The pitfalls are many.

My Story From Suzy

Lesbian mum Suzy talks about how she and her partner created and added to their family.

In 2007 I decided to have fertility treatment which involved double donation (donor egg and sperm). In itself this is not is not unusual. However, you might think it unusual when I tell you that I could have used my own eggs. This is my story of what led to this choice and what happened on my journey.

Letter from Andrea and Bridget

Planning a family:
a letter from Bridget and Andrea to lesbian couples

Dear would-be Lesbian Parent(s)

This letter is to any single lesbian woman or couple thinking of building a family through donor conception. We hope that these thoughts will help clarify your own, may answer some questions and enable you to go forward with confidence in your decision.