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Surrogacy, who needs a lawyer and why?

Surrogacy, who needs a lawyer and why?

Using surrogacy to build a family is becoming more common and is, of course, legal in the UK. Those engaging in surrogacy here in the UK are free to make arrangements between themselves, but sadly this does sometimes go wrong and without clarity, or a legal document or clinic intervention, it can become complex. There are specific rules and processes that parties involved in surrogacy arrangements must be aware of and strictly adhere to.

Legal changes for LGBT families: We will keep fighting the good fight

Fertility lawyer Natalie Gamble celebrates the legal changes that have empowered LGBT families in the UK

As a fertility lawyer who is also a same sex mum through sperm donation (and, of course, a DCN member), I have always been passionate about LGBT family building. My children are now 16 and 13 and I often reflect that their lives span an incredible legal revolution, one during which LGBT families like ours have been taken from legal invisibility to legal inclusion. Here are some of the most significant milestones: