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New research requests are posted here when we are approached by researchers in the field. Your views and contribution to research can help build a body of information which can benefit individuals and families such as yours. 

DCN has a research committee which reviews all the research requests to the Network to ensure that it is conducted appropriately and fits in with our members. Contact DCN if you have any questions on the procedure by emailing


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Donor Conception in the Age of Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing: An Invitation to Take Part in the ConnecteDNA Project

Parents through donor conception, donor conceived people or a donors who have used, considered using or been impacted by DNA testing websites, who are UK residents and over 18 years old.

The ConnecteDNA project is a new research project, led by Dr Lucy Frith at the University of Liverpool, in collaboration with staff at four other UK universities. It will explore how people involved in donor conception use, and are impacted by, direct-to-consumer genetic testing, e.g. AncestryDNA and 23andme.

Our findings will be used to improve support for people using online DNA testing and people involved in donor conception and to assess whether any changes to law and policy are needed in this area.

Link to the project website

Dr Leah Gilman

The social experiences of donor conceived young adults: The project will explore the unique strengths and challenges that from the adult child's perspective - are part of being donor conceived.

If you are a donor-conceived person aged 18-30, for now looking for sperm-donor conceived in any family configuration.

Find out more about the study in the video here

See recruitment flyers here: Flyer1 Flyer2 Flyer 3


Dr Sophie Zadeh 

Exploring Solo Mothers’ Experiences, Demographics, Networks and Sources of Support All solo mothers- pregnant and with children, who conceived through donor sperm or sperm and egg.  Link to the study here


Dr Suzy Buckley

and Sining Ren

Counselling and the Donor Linking Process

Donor Conceived Adults who have engaged with counselling before contacting any donor links they have discovered (either through a donor linking service, the HFEA, or a commercial DNA testing).

You must:

  • Must be over the age of 18
  • Must be donor conceived and have been conceived in the UK.
  • Must be based in the UK.
  • Must have accessed counselling prior to deciding whether to initiate contact with a donor link (sibling or donor).
  • Must be English-speaking
This research is being undertaken by Melanie Molloy a master’s student of Clinical Counselling at Chester University.

If you are interested in taking part in this research or would like more information please contact:

Melanie Molloy