Same Sex Couples: Personal Stories

We are very grateful to all those who have taken the time to write about their personal experiences of donor conception and issues relating to it. These stories are invaluable in helping to share common feelings around complex issues. Reading about how others have dealt with things is often very reassuring.

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Fertility lawyer Natalie Gamble celebrates the legal changes that have empowered LGBT families in the UK

Natalie Gamble NGA Law - From the DCN Journal issue 19 – Winter 2018

My mothers were always really open about my conception, and that is something I appreciate. That way I could form my own opinion about my conception story and the industry around it, and I could talk with them about it.


"Life is not always particularly easy but I remain indebted to a stranger, a man I have never met and may never meet, a man who gave me the greatest gifts of all."

Jane, 2018

What makes us the sort of people that we are? How much are we influenced by our parents when it is our parents who bring us up? How much is down to our genes? And how much is down to the environment that we live in?

Marilyn Crawshaw

This is the talk given at the 2003 March national meeting in London by Mary MacLeod, then Chief Executive of the National Family and Parenting Institute.

Mary MacLeod

Olivia Montuschi offers some supportive insights into the fear that haunts parents of donor conceived children.... Anxieties about rejection by our children, particularly as they become teenagers, are very common, but understanding these fears in the context of developmental stages and needs of both children and parents can help.

Olivia Montuschi

An egg donor and mother of a sperm donor conceived child tells why she would be happy for children born from her donated eggs to have access to information about her.

Olivia Montuschi, one of the founders of DCN ponders the tricky question of language around donor conception

Lesbian mum Suzy talks about how she and her partner created and added to their family.


Planning a family:
a letter from Bridget and Andrea to lesbian couples

Dear would-be Lesbian Parent(s)