Telling older children and adults

There are many reasons why parents may find that the years have passed and they have still not told their children about their beginnings by donor conception. 

For those with older teenagers or adult children in their twenties or more, this is probably because you were told by your clinic that 'telling' was unnecessary.  'Just go home and make love and who knows....' was often the advice given.  Increasingly parents, as they get older themselves, are now wanting to break the silence of the years and have a more honest relationship with their adult children.  They now believe that it is their children's right to know about the genetic disconnect in the family but have no idea how they can break the news without affecting the often very good relationships between them and their children.  Sometimes children are showing an interest in family history or genetics and parents are terrified that they will uncover the truth in an unplanned way and that disaster will result. 

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We also have a Telling and Talking booklet written just for your situation here Telling and Talking 17yrs+