Conferences and Meetups

National Family Conferences

A big thank you to the clinics and lawyers supporting this year’s DCN Conference!

We’re really excited to be able to get together again at last, and to give parents and prospective parents (as well as children) an opportunity to meet and connect with each other. We’ve also lined up some fascinating presentations and discussions throughout the day and there are still some adult tickets available - book now to secure your spot! For a small charity, setting up and organising this kind of event is a huge task and being sponsored by so many of our Clinic and Lawyer Supporters makes a big difference.

From the very first year the charity was founded, nearly 30 years ago, the organisation has always run a conference twice a year to give members the opportunity to spend a day together, meeting in person and sharing their hopes and fears and stories in a confidential and supportive space. The event includes presentations from speakers focussing on a range of DC-related subjects as well as small discussion groups on specific topics.

We know how important and valuable these events are, not least because we offer a creche so those with children can bring them too. The sense of it being a 'family event' really helps bring hope to those who are yet to conceive and normality to our families. It's also lovely for children to have a space to meet other children made 'just like them'. We know some long term friendships are forged at the conferences. Not only that, but the event often acts as a prompt for some important and valuable conversations within the family.

After a two year hiatus due to the government restrictions, we are excited to announce that we are holding our next London conference on Saturday 23rd April 2022 and an autumn conference 1st October 2022 in Bristol.

The members' spring conference will be our usual mix of panel presentations, personal stories, small discussion groups and social time. Lunch and refreshments are included. We have a creche on-site and have various activities for children 8yrs+ and teens. DC adults 18yrs+ are welcome, as are professionals working in the field. Have a look here at the Programme for the day.

If you’ve been to a conference before, you will know how great they are. If you haven’t been before have a look at the quotes below to get a flavour of the day.

"We were a bit apprehensive about attending as we have just started on our DC journey. The conference helped us understand more and gave us more to think about!"

"We have a one year old who was conceived using both egg and sperm donors. The conference made us feel like we are part of something bigger, it's not just us who have a donor conceived child. Plus, it just normalized the whole issue. I feel less concerned about the fact that I have a donor conceived child - I feel much more relaxed about the whole thing - thank you!" 

"I always wonder if it will be worth going time/travel wise, but never disappointed, and always finish looking forward to the next one." (solo mum)

Book your tickets here

DCN Member Support Groups

We have various smaller groups within the network to support families in specific situations. For example, we have a group for solo mums, lesbians, older mums and those who have used a family member as a donor. We also run online DCN Chats.  DCN Chats are volunteer-led online meetups. They offer a space for peer support and connection. We have a regular schedule of events, which is expanding and offers something for everyone. To see a list of our DCN Chats you will need to become a member. Members can see full details of the Chats by logging on and going to the DCN Chats section of the website in the members-only menu on the right..

Local Meetups

DC Network volunteers organise local events and meetings around the country. To see a list of our DCN local groups you will need to become a member. Members can see full details of our groups and events here. If we don't have a group near you, you could start one. We have lots of things we can do to support you in getting a new group up and running. Contact us by phone or email to find out if there is a local group near you. Many of these groups have an online presence also.