Choices and Challenges Webinars

If you are at the early stages of considering egg or sperm donation these webinars are for you!

These webinars provide an introduction to and overview of the things that people need to think about as well as some of the feelings people may be experiencing, focussing on the social and emotional implications. In addition to the information provided, attendees hear from a parent sharing their personal story. The webinars do not cover medical or treatment questions.

These short sessions are not the same as, and don't replace, our Preparation for Parenthood workshops. They are a starting point to get an overview of what this path to parenthood might look like and what to consider, and some people may go on to attend one of our workshops.

100% of respondents felt this was value for money and would recommend

'Very well thought through and put together'

'Really useful, particularly the parent's story'

'Friendly and informative and very balanced'

'Very empathetic speakers. Good to hear the experience of a DC parent.'


Please email to express interest in future dates