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Are you considering donor conception?

Book onto our Preparation for Parenthood Workshops (or a 1-2-1 session if you are a lesbian couple).

Designed for those thinking about using donor conception to create their families, or those who have decided for sure to use this route but would like an opportunity to think through the implications before going ahead. We run separate events for single women, lesbian couples and heterosexual couples.

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Heterosexual couples

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Single women

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Lesbian couples

Do you have children 7yrs & under or children 8-12yrs?

Book a Telling and Talking workshop

Designed for those who already have children conceived this way and who want to explore different ways to talk to their young children about their origins.

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Find out more about Telling and Talking workshops for


Children's groups

At our national conferences (normally April and October) we offer a group for donor conceived children aged 8-12yrs, and non-donor conceived siblings in this age bracket. We also have a creative session called 'What Makes Me, Me?' that we currently run at our conferences and which is suitable for 8-15yr olds.

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Children's groups

What Makes Me, Me?

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Making It Real - Workshop for professionals working with donor conception families

Do you work with recipients of donor gametes (with or without surrogacy), or with donor conception families?

These workshops will deepen your own understanding of the ways in which creating a child using eggs, sperm or embryos from a third party, including with surrogacy, is different from standard fertility treatments. We look at how best to help prospective parents consider from the outset the lifetime implications for the child and the family. We also look at how to support families as children grow up and circumstances, as well as interest levels, may change.

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