Having a second child as a solo mum - Lynda's story

I had always dreamed I would have a family. I always thought that if I kept on living my life, doing the things I enjoyed, working and travelling then at some point I would meet the right partner for me and we would have children. In my late 30s I began to think about other options as I knew that time was running out for me fertility wise. I was blessed to have two successful IVF cycles with the same donor sperm, one when I was 39 and the other when I was 41 resulting in my two beautiful children Jack and Poppy. Jack has just turned 4 last week and Poppy is nearly 2.

"The children will always know about their donor" - Sophy's story

This personal story was written by Sophy in 2018.

Compared to many of those who decide to embark on motherhood alone I've come to it quite early. Having been advised in June 2017 that my egg reserve was so low that I would shortly find it difficult to find an IVF clinic to treat me I decided, at 31, take the plunge. In reality though I'd been considering it and preparing for years before being given the shocker of a much earlier deadline than I'd anticipated. 

Conversations - Hannah's Solo Mum Story

This story was written by Hannah in 2018. 

For every pregnant woman, even before your jeans get snugger and your dresses shorter, the questions start. “Why aren’t you drinking? Why are you so tired? What are you looking so happy about?” But as a solo mum, there was a knotty layer of questions, explanations, obfuscations, white lies and downright fibs in the early days of my pregnancy that – along with navigating others’ reactions – I was wholly unprepared for.