What do we do?

Contact with others

DC Network offers a wide range of activities, events and resources that enable families and individuals to contact one another either by phone, email, at a local group meeting, a national conference or a workshop. We believe that this support is invaluable for people thinking about donor conception, going through the stress of treatment and facing the issues that come up once they conceive and become parents. We are also there for the children and try to include them in many of our activities.

Specialist support

We offer telephone support to members and non members. We also offer specialist support to families with older children who haven't been told yet. Members can often be connected with other members who have similar, often quite particular, circumstances or issues, and we can put people in touch with counsellors with great experience of working with infertility issues and donor conception families.

Local groups

We have many volunteers running local groups for members around the UK. The groups change depending on who is willing to take on the role.

National conferences

We run two conferences each year, one in London in the spring and one outside London in the autumn. At our conferences we have a main topic with speakers but we also organise small facilitated discussion groups for members to meet and support each other on particular issues.

Volunteer contact list

Some of our members have volunteered to go on a contact list. This is only available to other members and is sent to all new members on joining.


We produce a journal twice a year with articles, personal stories and reports on donor conception issues. An eBulletin goes out to all members regularly containing news and information. DC Network also publish a range of books both for parents and children and has an extensive library of books and films that members can borrow from.


We run Preparation workshops for those who are thinking about donor concepetion and Telling and Talking workshops for those with children. Both are open to members and non-members although members get a discount. We also run workshops at our national conferences for 8-12yr olds. These fun, games-led workshops can help children explore their feelings about being donor conceived in a safe space.