The Rights of Children

An egg donor and mother of a sperm donor conceived child tells why she would be happy for children born from her donated eggs to have access to information about her.

I am 32 years old and my 31-year-old husband Pete has Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. We knew from a fairly early stage in our relationship that he would need some sort of fertility treatment to enable us to have children.

A sperm donor argues against the new compensation scheme (introduced in 2012) for sperm donors

Horrible, Absolutely Horrible. In October 2011 the HFEA announced a new compensation scheme for egg and sperm donation, to come into force in April 2012. The media covered egg donation pretty well but barely mentioned the decision to pay sperm donors £35 per visit to the clinic. Until the new scheme comes in, sperm donors will continue to receive only loss of earnings and out-of-pocket expenses, with a £250 limit on the former. I was a sperm donor myself and in the HFEA’s public consultation on compensation that took place in early 2011 I argued against changing the scheme.